Don’t hide your heart from me

You don’t have to hide from me, when you’re tired and worn-out.

Life sets such a demanding pace, and keeping up with it can take its toll. When the tiredness starts to settle within you, making you heavy and slow, please don’t turn from me – let me know what you need: time alone to get reacquainted with your passions, or to sit intertwined with me, enjoying the slowness of silence.

Don’t keep me at arms length denying me the experience of truly knowing who you are and how to love you. You are guaranteeing me to fail at giving your heart what it needs, if you will not let me see inside.

I know how utterly terrifying it can be, to trust someone to see you as you are and love you anyway. There are parts of you that are selfish, unkind, thoughtless, rude, rash, spiteful and ugly. Sometimes, when you are really mad, there might be parts of you that ache to explode. I know that feeling better than you think I do. I ache to explode too sometimes. Sometimes I actually do.

I want to know the broken, messy, complicated parts of you. They are real and they are you, no matter how much you try to pretend they don’t exist. Please don’t hide them for my sake. I am stronger than you know.

It will be confronting for both of us, to show ourselves to each other without flinching. But I am okay with that. I am prepared for it to be hard.

If I do happen to get overwhelmed, please don’t be discouraged – I’m learning too. It might not be anything to do with your mess; remember, I have chaos of my own. Be patient with me while I figure it out. I will in the end, I promise.

Let me be present through all the seasons of your heart and I will grow in understanding of you, and my heart will learn how to give yours what it needs.


photo credit: -closed- look 4 /MyVisualPoetry via photopin cc


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