Will you ever be enough?

Feeling like you're enough

You can find a multitude of reasons why you’re not enough.

Stop looking for them. They aren’t ever going to bring you closer to where you want to be, they’re only going to hold you back.

What is enough anyway? Will you be enough when you can finally afford your dream home, get that big promotion, or when you can be the perfect husband/girlfriend/parent/sister/friend?

And if you do achieve this ‘being enough’, according to the arbitrary criteria you have set for yourself, what happens then? Will you finally be able to give yourself permission to enjoy your life?

There will always be someone better than you, probably many someones throughout your life. There will always be someone hotter, richer, stronger, faster, more sophisticated, more articulate, more charismatic, more accomplished.

You will meet them, admire them, and sometimes you will wish you were like them.

But, there will also be those who are looking at you like you and admiring you for some unattainable quality that they will never possess.

It’s a fluid and ever-changing spectrum and it’s always going to exist. Don’t fight it. You might not have the dream job, the perfect patience, the white picket fence, or effortless social skills, but none of that is permanent anyway.

When you look for why you’re not enough, you’re just giving yourself reasons to be dissatisfied, and that’s not the path to fulfillment.

You don’t need to have everything all at once to be succeeding in life, and you certainly don’t need to be the best at anything in order to reach your goals.

Let yourself be ‘not perfect’. Challenge yourself to be better. That’s enough.


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