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Human Paradox

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Have you ever noticed how often it’s the people who declare unfaltering honesty who have the most practice telling half-truths?

And how the people who deliberately pick at the faults of others to shame them are the same people who haven’t yet learned to accept their own shortcomings?

Or how those who are easily offended sometimes have wounds that they vehemently deny…

Sometimes it’s the people who appear to walk with confidence who are filled with fear that people won’t like them.

Sometimes it’s the people who spend the most time asking us about our lives who don’t want to reveal their own truth.

Sometimes it’s the people who demand trust from us who won’t do what it takes to be trustworthy.

Sometimes it’s the people who push others away who are desperately craving closeness.


Sometimes we are not that effective at dealing with ourselves. Sometimes we are convinced we will be better off living in disguise, hiding in order to protect ourselves and control our lives.

We just forget that sometimes that isn’t the most effective way to get what we really want.


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