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What doesn’t kill you…

What doesn’t kill you…

That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – Friedrich Nietzsche
It’s one of those well-worn ‘sayings’ that we use when times are tough. We offer it as comfort, as a gesture of compassion, and sometimes because we don’t know what else to say.

We say it instead of ‘Don’t worry’,

or ‘Stop being upset’,… Continue reading


You can’t until you can

You can’t until you can

I never used to be a runner. I was slow, felt awkward and uncoordinated, and my breathing was never quite right. The very thought of going for a run was uncomfortable and unappealing, so I didn’t go. Ever.

I think I stopped exercising altogether in high school. Aside from the obligatory gym classes where I usually opted to do badminton (and not take it seriously), I was pretty well inactive. Then… Continue reading